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Complaints Handling Procedure

Company philosophy :-
Please remember when making your complaint that it is the philosophy of Dentures Direct Ltd. to use any complaints we receive to improve the service we offer to our patients and also to resolve any issues in a positive and speedy manner. We will endeavour to understand your complaint from your perspective and resolve it fairly.

What to do if you have a complaint :-
1) Raise your complaint with Michelle Drury, either verbally or written. Your complaint will be treated with utmost importance and, although we shall try to resolve matters as soon as possible, guidelines suggest that we acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days and act upon it within 10 working days. Exceptional circumstances could increase this time-frame. Most satisfaction is gained if your complaint can be resolved at this stage and hopefully you will find no reason to be dissatisfied of the outcome. The details of your complaint will be recorded and kept confidential to only those parties involved.

2)If unhappy with the resolution offered by Mrs. Michelle Drury, ask for your complaint to be heard by practice manager Mr. Ian Drury who will listen from a third person point of view and without prejudice. Within the timescale as mentioned in “1” above, Ian Drury will seek to gain a successful and positive resolution.

3) If still unhappy with the resolution, you can contact the “Dental Complaints Service” for further advice. This is a service funded by, but operating independent of the General Dental Council. Their contact details are :-

Tel; 08456 120540, www.dentalcomplaints.org.uk

The Dental Complaints Service,
The Landsdowne Building,
2, Landsdowne Road,