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Feel Secure with CQR™ Dentures!

Michelle Drury is one of only a few clinicians in the UK to offer dentures which utilise the CQR technique - a revolutionary concept for full dentures!


What is the CQR technique?

The CQR™ technique is based on modern research techniques into muscle function during mastication and have been developed by a group of dental professionals and scientists from America and Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. Old design methods were based on ideas that originated in Victorian times, whereas CQR™ Dentures brings full dentures into the 21st Century.

This new construction process allows Michelle Drury to create a denture that can be uniquely adapted to the shape and function of the individual patient. This means that muscles of the jaw can work more effectively to allow an improved chewing action. The result is much improved stability so that patients feel more confident when eating, smiling and talking - there is less rubbing against the gums too!

Denturist Michelle Drury comments, “Every day, people resort to chewing the softest foods because of their unstable dentures, having a major impact on their quality of life. Now, due to the latest research and techniques which only the CQR system offers, we can produce dentures that work in complete harmony with the movement of the patient’s jaw. Patients are chewing foods they haven’t been able to touch for years and their taste has improved, too.”

Patients’ comments:

“The staff were very helpful. They were very careful to ensure that I had understood them and this simply put me so much at ease. The care and attention was amazing, a lovely set of dentures that I can eat well with and I look so much better.” - Mrs Power

For a complimentary consultation or for more information about CQR™ Dentures contact Michelle Drury’s denture clinic on 0115 8452407.