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After Before

Patient #1

These photographs show the full impact that well designed and exquisitely made dentures can have. The teeth were carefully set up to replicate this patient's smile from a photograph taken before losing her natural teeth. While completely revitalising her appearance, the new dentures also offer much improved function and comfort.


Patient #2

Fabulous natural looking dentures ensure this lady can get on with her life without any worry about her teeth. Although we can’t show you a full face picture, these teeth have been designed to harmonise perfectly with the character of this beautiful smile. It is quite common for our patients to be told what wonderful teeth they have without a clue that they are dentures.

After Before

Patient #3

This lady has a single missing tooth and needed a denture to maintain her smile. After selecting a tooth with similar colour, texture and lustre, the tooth was carefully positioned to complete the totally natural look. This case shows the value of attention to detail even on a relatively simple denture.

After Before

Patient #4

A new smile for this gentleman who was in urgent need for a replacement upper denture. Beautiful teeth individually positioned by Michelle Drury for a totally natural younger look, with augmented gum-work offering support to the lips and surrounding tissues.

After Before

Patient #5

This gentleman needed three lost teeth replacing on his upper palate. His treatment options included implant retained crowns, crown and bridge, a traditional denture or flexible denture. After considering his options, his preferred option with our recommendation, was the semi flexible denture. In this case, we designed a “one sided” denture as shown in the photo. Due to the material’s semi-flexible nature, it securely grips the remaining natural teeth, with the patient saying that it is so comfortable he is not aware of its presence. He also appreciates no loss of taste sensation due to its palate - free design.

Natural look teeth and gums Implant retention on upper

Patient #6

This lady decided to opt for an implant retained upper denture. She now has all of the benefits of Michelle Drury’s exquisitely made dentures with the added security of two implants to hold the denture firmly in position. The denture also contains a chrome strengthener due to the increased forces applied by a stronger and more effective bite.

After Before

Patient #7

This patient was having problems with the function, comfort and look of her previous denture. Following treatment, her beautiful smile has been restored along with much improved comfort and function.

After Before

Patient #8

This lady initially required remedial dental care before we could start recreating her smile with a new denture. As is often the case, she had been reluctant to see a Dentist for many years due to a fear of Dental Surgeries. After offering re-assurance that her concerns would be taken seriously, we referred her to a local Dentist who would offer the support, care and patience that she needed. Her fears were subsequently nullified. Once these issues were resolved , we constructed these dentures to re-create her lost beautiful smile. We felt very pleased with what we had accomplished for this patient but this was totally eclipsed by the patient’s new found confidence and sense of well being.

After Before

Patient #9

This lady’s new dentures show how lip and facial support can be used to give a much younger and more attractive look.


Patient #10

A natural looking upper denture to enhance this lady's smile.


After Before

Patient #11

This single tooth semi-flexible denture has been very successful for this lady. Once clicked securely into position, she tells us that he is unaware of its presence.