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What are dental implants?

Implants are titanium inserts which are placed within the bone of the upper and/or lower jaw. They act as a replacement for the root of a natural tooth. Once fully integrated with the natural bone, they become solid anchor points to which a denture or other dental restoration can be attached. The system preferred by Michelle Drury allows the patient to insert and remove the denture when required for cleaning etc.

For the ultimate in denture stabilization and retention, implants are an excellent option. An added benefit is that they help to maintain good bone condition due to the loading on the bone. If the bone is not worked, it will almost certainly shrink or resorb.

Most problems associated with dentures are related to the lower jaw due to its shape, so it is quite common to have just two implants in this area if there are no upper retention problems. With two implants placed into the lower jaw and a denture securely located onto these, the full benefits of being able to live normally without the need to be continually conscious of your teeth can be realized.

Patients’ comments:

“Nearly 5 years ago I had implants fitted and a full upper denture made by michelle and her team, with their care and expertise it was a 100% success, it not only looked good but chewing anything was no longer a problem,a life changing result i would recommend to anyone. Many thanks to Michelle, Ian and Steph” - Mr Geoffrey Williams

As with any dental treatment, the combined skill of the clinicians involved is of primary importance. Michelle Drury will recommend and refer you to an implant dental surgeon who will place your implants following a consultation to check your suitability. Once your implants have been placed and are fully integrated with your natural bone, the construction of your new dentures can begin.

Due to the more natural way that you will be able to eat and chew, extra force will be put on your new dentures, so all our implant overdentures contain a chrome strengthener for added durability. With colour toned gum-work and gender specific, totally natural look teeth designed specifically for you as an individual, your new denture will mimic natural dentition in look, feel and function.

Without exception, our patients who have chosen this treatment option are delighted with the results and have much appreciation for the particular care that they have received during and after treatment.