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Why a Semi Flexible Denture?

A semi-flexible denture is best suited to partial denture cases where we can fully exploit the flexibility of the base material to fit snugly around existing dentition. They are very lightweight and highly resistant to fractures. Michelle Drury will ensure your new dentures are designed to suit you as an individual with natural look to compliment the aesthetics of the individuals smile. Main benefits include:-

  • Upper partial dentures can often be made palate free due to the ability of the base material to securely grip the remaining dentition. This allows more room for the tongue and more sensation through to the taste buds.
  • For upper or lower cases where there are several missing teeth on one side of the mouth, it is possible to make a one sided flexible denture which simply clicks securely into position around the remaining natural dentition. This has proven to be a very comfortable and successful solution.
  • Virtually invisible look with no need for unsighlty metal clasps.